Retroarch Disables HDR on Television

I use my Samsung 4K television with HDR enabled in my tv settings and enabled in Windows but when I start up Retroarch,RA disables it on my tv. When I exit RA, it is enabled again. Retroarch is the only program I use that does this. I guess RA does not really need HDR enabled but when RA exe is starting I get some strange artifacts on the screen for a few seconds which I guess is when RA disables HDR and then the game loads up and plays normally. When I exit RA, HDR is enabled again. I was just wondering if there is a way around this because I worry about constantly having HDR enabled and disabled when loading and exiting games might cause some damage long term? Of course I can just disable HDR in windows or my television but then I would lose it when watching HDR movies or playing HDR games as well.

HDR requires a few things that RetroArch does not / cannot currently provide, so yes, it will switch away to non-HDR. This won’t cause any damage to your TV, as it’s something they have to be able to do constantly anyway to suit mixed ranges among different content.

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Gotcha,thanks for the quick reply.