Retroarch displays wrong Resolution and Hz

Settings > Video > Output:

“Screen Resolution” and “Set Display-Reported Refresh Rate” seem to display the info about my main monitor even if that is not where Retroarch is currently on. For Example, my main Display is [email protected] (as is monitor 2). Monitor 3 is my TV which is [email protected] Nevertheless, it appears to be working correctly. Is there any reason for this? Seems like a bug. Thanks.

Additionally, this is also relevant to me:

(Vulkan Video Driver) Retroarch loses Gsync after closing content at least twice · Issue #10066 · libretro/RetroArch · GitHub

I noticed that I lose gsync with VRR after I go to the menu a few times. I get a lot of tearing. The solution is to close RetroArch and start again.

I’m on an RTX 3070

Not a solution, but you will get much better performance if Retoarch is displaying on your main monitor. I would suggest making your TV the main display if at all possible.

It may solve the second issue as well.

Turns out the 2 are related. When I manually told retroarch my refresh rate is 120hz, that seemed to have fixed the issue. I also disabled vsync and enabled the vrr option. So far so good!

That said, I think the fact that it doesn’t detect the monitor you’re using is a problem. Soon more people will get their hands on the HDMI 2.1 cards and will likely experience my issue if left alone. My 2 cents.

Maybe, but since most performance guides for Retroarch insist that you manually set your refresh rate, maybe educating the user is more of a priority.

To solve the issue we would need a per monitor override so you could manually set the separate refresh rates.

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I’ve only been using Retroarch for 5 years (anniversary was a few days ago! :partying_face:) Guess you learn something new every day.