Retroarch does not recognize my usb controller (Solved)

Hi! I am using Ubuntu 18.04, retroarch 1.7.3 and am unable to make my controllers work! Whenever I try to modify the input, the buttons I pressed are not recognized. I checked on events, and the events are being received by the OS, also, I have tried changing the permissions following cked Checked on /dev/input and the controller is recognized, lsusb lists it there as well. I don’t know what else to try out. Any ideas? Thanks!

Are you using the snap package, by chance? If so, you have to attach a couple of plugs to get gamepads working (I understand this is fixed in an upcoming snap core update, it’s just not in the basic setup yet):

sudo snap connect retroarch:raw-usb
sudo snap connect retroarch:joystick

I have it installed with apt. Running those two commands fixed it. Thanks!!