Retroarch doesn't start on Wii 3.3E

hello, i have tried retroarch on my old Wii with firmware 3.3E, but when i launch it from homebrew channel nothing happens, only black screen and i must manually power off. How can i solve?

i have updated Wii on 4.3E firmware. Now retroarch starts but when i load games shows black screen, i have tried snes9x, Genesis Plus, viceX64 ecc…

i use stable version 1.10.0

Vicex64 works on Wii? I thought it hangs with a black screen and then have to reset the console.

vice_x64 doesn’t work: black screen when load games.

These cores works: Nestopia (NES) Snes9x 2005 (SNES) Picodrive (SMS/GENESIS)

btw, i have tried old version of retroarch (1.6.7) and works better: all cores runs.