Retroarch dont have any sound



i reinstalled windows 10 on my laptop

and now after i installed retroarch again

i dont have any sound anymore on retroarch, no matter wich game i play

any help will be appreciated


can anyone help me to solve this problem please?


Since you haven’t mentioned any troubleshooting steps already taken (and please keep that in mind for later posts!) I’ll just throw a few of the easy ones out there:

Test more than one core, just to be sure.

Check the first few toggles in the Settings | Audio menu to see if you accidentally frobbed “Audio Mute” or the like.

While RA is running, Alt-Tab out right-click the volume control icon in the tray, and select Open Volume Mixer. Look in there for RA and adjust its volume.

If none of that helps:

  • close RetroArch
  • open up the RetroArch folder
  • rename the file retroarch.cfg to something like retroarch-CURRENTDATE.cfg
  • rename the folder config to something like config-CURRENTDATE
  • start up RA again and see if it works

Let us know how that all goes, and best of luck!


Hello ElectricKeet

thank you so much for your help!

i tried it

i think the problem is because when i installed retroarch

the directx9 failed to dowload

is there a way to fix the directx9 download?