Retroarch FBA core issues ( Knights of Valour 2 )



Hi there My question is this game: ( Knights of Valour 2 Plus - Nine Dragons ) It boot fine mame2014 & 2016 core from Retroarch … But FBA core just show “no-item” when load ROM… Because my phone not enough powerful to get full speed.

So I find this moded Fba4droid apk ( they removed virus)

Dammit the FBA core seems far better than Retroarch mame core performance wont get any slow down

So how can I get retroarch FBA core work with pgm game ?

I put bio with game romset Boot retroatch just give me “no-item” error I prefer Retroarch because it can add advanced shaders!!

Please help thanks


Our FBA core is up-to-date and uses an updated ROMset.

If you get a log, it will probably say it can’t find a bunch of files that need to be in the game archive.


Ah …

Where can i find romset?


I/we can’t help you with that.


It’s basically the same as the latest mame romset (0.205 at the moment)


Thanks man



I’m very sorry man

0.205 ROMset won’t works

Should I repack game ROM + bio into a single zip file?

No matter I try retroarch show “no-item”


I don’t know where you messed up, but kov2p from mame 0.205 is exactly the same rom as kov2p from latest fba, maybe you forgot bios ( ?


I put with game Rom under same folder…

Could you please pm me your “retroarch android setting”?

Please sir thanks


Like I said I can boot game with mame core but speed slow down

If I able to boot fba will be fully speed.