Retroarch for PS2?

I think it would be a great idea to port Retroarch to the PS2. Imagine how many games you can fit in a hard drive. I would port it myself if I had the know how. The PS2 would be more than capable of running Retroarch, as the PSP version runs great.

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Was a surprise for me that almost nobody asked for a Retroarch version for PS2. I have to say that I’m trying to port myself. I have been able to compile already one of the core, in this case, PicoDrive.

Now I’ trying to port RetroArch, taking as a base the PSP1 version (both platform are so… similar). The thing is, that I miss information/documentation (for developers) and I don’t know where is the best place to ask for.

Should I create a new thread? or should I ask in the GitHub place?

Thanks in advance!

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It’s something we’ve discussed but no one has taken on. If you’d like to give it a shot, the best places to discuss it are our discord server or on IRC via #retroarch on Freenode.

Thanks!!! Joining, right now

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I mean, it makes sense to have a PS2 version of RetroArch; it is available on PS3, PSP, and the Vita.

Hello, Just to let the developers know that the PS2 is not dead for emulation. And of course it would be very appreciated if it was possible to have more cores on PS2. Currently, there are the following ones in Retroarch for PS2:

  • 2048
  • fceumm
  • mgba
  • picodrive
  • quickness

I think it would be very easy to port the 2 following ones:

  • Amstrad CPC
  • Super Nintendo

as there are already existing without retroarch (.elf homebrew). I could use the SNES9X , but I never managed to use the Amstrad CPC emulator . This is really a pity. Maybe a nostalgic developer would solve that issue :slight_smile:

I’m new here. I couldn’t figure out how to create a new topic, so I had to post my question in here:

How to I force Retroarch for PS2 to stretch the video to fill the entire screen? I’m trying to emulate NES games on it using FCEU and/or QuickNES, and no matter how many settings I tinker with, the video stays at 4x3 pillarbox. I don’t want it that way because I HATE pillarbox.

It should generally be: go to settings > video > scaling > aspect ratio and set it to 16:9 or whatever. I’m not sure if the PS2 port supports this, though.

Already tried that and it didn’t work.