Retroarch forced controller port issue/Wii-Dolphin Core

I recently purchased a gaming computer to play some of my old roms and games. The computer is running Windows 10/Geforce GTX 1080/[email protected]. Running new copy of RetroArch 1.8.8, with build date May 16, 2020. I am playing with a Dualshock 4 controller with official usb dongle and attempting to use the Wii-Dolphin Core. Despite the Wii-Dolphin core running beautifully, I am unable to play any games due to lack of controller input.

My issue is that each time I load Retroarch my Dualshock 4 controller is force loaded into “Port 2.” I have tried changing the following general settings: 1) max users are “1”, 2) device type has been changed to “RetroPad w/ Analog” and Device Index has been changed to “DualShock 4 Controller” in the Port 1 binds, 3) I have toggled the AutoConfig setting to both on and off, 5) I have changed max users to “2” just to change device type to “none” and device index to “disabled” 6) Unified Menu controls have been toggled on and off, 6) Core input settings have been changed to WiiMote + Classic Controller.

When entering the Wii-Dolphin core input settings, the Port 1 settings are identified under each key bind as “Port #1: XInput Controller (User 1)” although as I said, I have changed this setting to “DualShock 4 Controller” in general input settings for Port 1. Interestingly, if I enable 2 max users the Wii-Dolphin core settings indicate that Dualshock 4 Controller is being used in “Port 2 Controls.”

Anyone know if this is something I am doing wrong or if I’m dealing with build error?

Does your pad work in the menu and just not in the core?

Correct, pad works in the menu and when Wii core is loaded with a game. I am able to use the hotkey setting to bring up the quick menu with the controller. But zero response when attempting to play the game.

Ok, if you go to quick menu > controls and change the device type to something else (classic controller or whatever), are you able to make it respond?

I am able to change it to something else including WiiMote + Classic Controller but this does not fix it.

Update: I just realized that I was not using RetroArch 1.8.8 but 1.8.7. Since they just released 1.8.8 today the news section indicates that the previous build (1.8.7) had a core input binding issue.

So updated to 1.8.8. And now the Wii-Dolphin core does not work at all in 1.8.8. lol. God this program is a mess lately…