Retroarch freezes on my 4k TV

I’m having the strangest bug or problem, I just upgraded my GPU to a Nvidia GTX 1070 ti and when I open retroarch it freezes in full screen on my 4k TV but works fine on my LG monitor, I just updated to the latest version 1.7.7, here’s my log file, any help would be greatly appreciated as always Thanks in advance.

How long have you left it frozen? That is, is it really frozen or just taking a long time to launch?

I am having the exact same issue here, just burning my brain out. Tried (almost) everything, different resolutions, refreshing rates, etc. Retroarch running fine on my 20" LG Monitor, but when pluggen on my LG 4K TV it freezes after 5 seconds, no matter which core is loaded. Any good soul to help?

  • Retroarch 1.8.7
  • Ryzen 5 2400G GPU via HDMI 2.1
  • Windows 10 1903

Same problem here.

Installed RetroArch 1.8.9 on my new windows10 PC, it’s equipped with a standard AMD apu, ryzen 3 3200g and vega 8 iGPU, lastest driver updated with the official AMD desktop app. It runs great when connected through hdmi to my LG monitor but it doesn’t work when connected to my TV.

The Tv is an LG 4k with hdmi 2.1 support, while the cable I used is an hdmi 2.0b.

I have had this problem for weeks and I think I found that the issue lies with HDR.

When I disabled HDR through Windows for my TV I was able to boot into games. I haven’t tested every core but at the moment it appears to be working.