Retroarch games suddenly running too fast - Android Nvidia Shield

Hi! I need some help regarding Retroarch Nvidia Shield - I dont know what happened but my games started to run way too fast! I used retroarch for about 2 years without problems and my system is completely configured.

My interest is sega consoles: Master System, Mega Drive , Saturn and Dreamcast.

Initially i noticed this on saturn games and then dreamcast games both running to fast! I have 2 nvidia shields and the problem happens in both.

Tried other retroarch versions like 32bits , 64 bits, retroarch plus , nightly versions and tried other retroarch.cfg files (in case mine was messed up).

Games like Shinobi X , Virtua fighter 2 , virtua fighter 3 are just unplayable.

Tried graphical and sound options without any luck! I dont think it is a fast forward problem. I reinstalled retroarch deleted all files manually and installed diferent version without any luck!

I get this on yaba sanshiro and flycast i dont know how it started but i suspect of an update version of cores…

I am tried to solve this since last week but made no progress… can someone help me?

Update: noticed this also on streets of rage mega drive emulator…game runs faster seems a video timing issue to play i have speed up my fingers to keep up with the action…

I wonder if updating shield os to android 11 mess ed with retroarch…problem is limited to retroarch as i install redream dreamcast emulator loaded virtua fighter 3 and its ok.

I love retroarch and i dont want to give up this app! Please help!

Thank you!

Hi there, I experienced an issue like this (roms were sped up) but it was on my Windows PC. It ended up being an audio issue. My audio driver stopped working and apparently RA depends on audio for timing. My usual go to’s for when things are messed up are toggling Rewind and Run Ahead mode - but since you’ve uninstalled/reinstalled different versions of RA, that should start with a clean retroarch.cfg and no overrides… I also have have an Nvidia Shield, I’ll see if I can test it when I get home.

Hi! I apreciated your reply!

Recently i think somewhat i solved the problem… I think this has to do with the timming between pal and ntsc versions of the games…

I tried ntsc versions and it was fine ex saturn shinobi x…but when i start the pal version same problem.

Streets of rage for the mega drive was another case the pal euro version had abnormal fast timming.

Tried so many things that something have worked but update the database assets cores etc or even change menu style from ozone to xmb solved …well maybe not the menu but i really dont know…

I have 2 shields one is solved the other has the same problem what about now? Lol

Ah, that could definitely be the issue. I know PAL runs at 50 Hz and NTSC at 60 Hz, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. If your rom set is PAL, there might be a setting in the Core options to set that region.