Retroarch hangs in 1.7.6 on Win10 32Bit, crashing my system


So I updated to 1.7.6, backing up the 1.7.5 files in case something goes wrong.

When I load it, everything loads severely slow, The frames counter pops up in the corner, showing a 10-20FPS at the max, even moving the mouse becomes sluggish, while moving the mouse is barely responsive, I have to kill the process to get it to exit, which ended with a system hang where I couldn’t even restart the system, I had to force restart.

Did 1.7.6 cause a bump up in system requirements?

My system is Windows 10 Home, 32Bit system with 2GB of Ram, with an Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8350 CPU @ 1.44GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.4GHz, Device is a NuVision 2 in 1 laptop tablet

Retroarch version was 1.7.6, 32bit version (x86) and the stable build, none of the nightlies, this never happened with 1.7.5 and stopped after swapping those back in. I use the portable version and replaced the right files and it still did this multiple times (Backed up 1.7.5s files and it ran way better)

I also already did scans for viruses and that didn’t find anythine with any of Malwarebytes tools so it wasn’t that that caused it.