RetroArch Interview

Damien McFerran had approached me sometime ago about this - looks like the interview made the press just now.

It is tied in somewhat into the Nvidia Shield but he gave me pretty much free reign to talk about RetroArch, the history, where it’s going, etc.

Overall I think this interview came out pretty well. Hope I didn’t shortchange anybody - I think I gave Maister equal billing and there were a few parts that perhaps didnt’ make the cut where I mentioned ToadKing’s work on the ASM.js emscripten port too and meancoot’s work.


I guess it makes sense to leave off those things for a site focused purely on mobile.

Besides, in a highly collaborative project like this, it’s hard to give everyone the credit they deserve without the whole thing reading like an Oscar acceptance speech (“I would like to thank my mom, and God, and the lighting guys, and the caterers, and…”)

Nice interview :). Does Mupen64 already run on your I devices? If yes. Does it run better then the mupen64 on android?

It runs well on both platforms (for me) iPhone 5s and OnePlus One.