Retroarch itself crashes at the shop screen in Wonder Project J2

I am playing the English fan translation of Wonder Project J2. From what I understand, it is already known that even the non-romhacked version of the game will crash in Mupen and Project64 (but notably not in Nemu64) after reading the note in the intro, but runs fine afterward. The game crashed in the intro as expected, I restarted it and loaded my save file and things were going well. That is, until Retroarch itself started to randomly crash (Windows will tell me the program has stopped responding, and asks if I want to close it). I can’t remember if it crashed anywhere else in the game, but the last few times it crashed has mainly been on the shop screen.

I am using the ParaLLEl core with: CPU core = pure_interpreter Player 1 Pak = memory pak GFX plugin = angrylion Besides that, I’m pretty sure everything else is at its default. I can post all the settings if it’s necessary.

Here is the log file, but I’m not sure it will help.

Anyways, what should I do? Can I avoid crashes by using more accurate settings, and if so, what settings are recommended for low-level N64 emulation?