Retroarch keeps crashing on windows 7 upon startup

Hi, not sure where exactly to post this question, so i apologize in advance if i posted it in the wrong section. i’m having issues trying to run retroarch on my windows 7 PC. (windows 7 service pack 1, x64) i’m not sure how to fix this issue. I’ve tried googling about it and i have yet come up with anything to remedy it. the issue i’m having happens whenever i try to start up the exe, it just crashes immediately. below are the images of the error messages i get. any insight is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.

Can you try starting from command line with --menu?

I have the same issue and I can’t start the program in cli with --menu

It crashes direct on startup.

W7 32-bit SP1

Did you find a sollution cougarmagnetzack?

I think you need to install directx

I reinstalled DX but that didn’t help unfortunately. Still crashes on startup.

Is there any log I can read? Can’t find one in the RA folders.

launch from a command line with --verbose --menu and it will print everything to the console window.

Well I do have an Intel integrated graphic but i guess that it should work anyway?

Here’s the output

Managed to get it working by changing menu_driver = to “glui”.



Weird. Whatever works :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting your solution.

Sorry I’m new to this forum and I just got across this topic I’m having same problem too. Where do you change this so I can give it a try. Thanks in advance

You would change it in your retroarch.cfg, but this is a super-old problem/solution, so it’s not really all that likely that this will correct your problem.

Are you also using Win7? Can you pastebin a log for us?

Yes I’m using win 7 64 bit I try installing direx and Microsoft visual C++ and no luck. As soon I get off from work I’ll post it. Thanks for the fast reply!

I just got home what file are you talking about to post?

You’ll have to generate a log:

Once I open the log file it crashes just like if I’m opening retroarch any ideas?

here is what i got.

In my case, it was easy to find the reason. Retroarch, by default (because I didn’t change it,) is trying to start in using D3D12 as the video driver. Considering I’m using the 64-bit version of Windows 7, this ain’t working.

The problem in my case is that Retroarch seems to have crashed before it generated a retroarch.cfg file. I’ve check in AppData and the retroarch program folder and subfolders, and there is not one. Is there a way to create one, or a default one that can be downloaded and edited?

Oops. Forgot to include the log file.

The default should be GL.

If it’s crashing before it can make a retroarch.cfg, something else is probably causing it because the video driver init happens later on in the launch process, AFAIK.

Is there a way to force the generation of a .cfg file? I imagine that I could just edit that to use another renderer and the problem would go away… unless, of course, something else pops up (knock on wood.) hehehe