Retroarch keeps losing bluetooth connection

I’m trying to get my PS3 controller to work reliable with RA when using my iPad.

From restarting, I launch RA, press the PS button on the controller, and get the searching lights until it recognizes the controller and I get the single solid light on player 1. Everything works fine and I can play for maybe a couple minutes, but then the controller simply stops responding. The indicator lights still show that player 1 is connected when this happens.

I’m using iOS7. Any advice?

Okay, I’ve actually gotten it to work reliably now. I think the controller was getting confused because whenever I quit RA and then restarted, I wasn’t waiting for the indicator light to go off before attempting to reconnect. As long as I wait for the indicator light to go off completely before trying to reconnect, it seems to work fine.

Now if only I could get shaders to work without causing massive slowdown…

Nevermind, the problem is back even though nothing has changed as far as I know. The controller will work for a couple minutes and then stop responding even though it says it’s connected. Does anyone have a fix for this?

I’m having a similar issue but on 8.1.1 wasted DAYS of my life trying to get it to work.

I have installed and re-installed BTStack and Controllers for All multiple times. Uninstalled and re-installed Retroarch multiple times. Tried with btstack on in settings and CFA off, BTStack and CFA on, Both off… nothing works.

now and then i will get 10-15 seconds to use the controller in Retroarch but then it will stop responding even if the controller shows P1 light as red.

I’ve experienced this problem too, although strangely this happens a lot more frequently when on a moving train. I still haven’t figured out why yet. A potential way to bypass this is to use the Controllers for All implementation of bluetooth instead of RetroArch’s own BTStack method.

You should only need BTStack… you don’t need Controllers for All. Not for a PS3 remote.

RetroArch has it’s own gamepad recognition, making Controllers for All in my understanding obsolete.

You only need the connection, being BTStack to dedicate your BlueTooth to the remote.

NOTE: You can lose your connection if you’re near a MacBook or other iPhones with BlueTooth on.

Ok, I got it working again. Here are some things to try:

-remove controllers for all -remove BTstack and reinstall -remove/reinstall retroarch -reset PS controller -reset device -turn off all other bluetooth capable devices when attempting to connect <------ EDIT: this was the solution. Turns out my TV’s AV receiver is bluetooth capable.

when launching RA, the bluetooth icon in the upper right should be light grey. After launching RA, press the PS button. The BT icon should change to black and the indicator light should come on on the controller. If the BT icon is black when launching RA or it changes to black without pressing the PS button then something is wrong and the bluetooth connection will not work.

How do you resolve this issue if you live in an apartment building and the other tenants have Bluetooth capable devices that interfere with yours?