RetroArch keeps starting netplay automatically

I’m on a Moto G7 Play, using RetroArch off the Google Play store. Currently running Android 10.

I will often get a “Netplay will start after the game is loaded.” notification upon opening RetroArch. Note that this often pops up before I’ve touched any of RetroArch’s menus; it just automatically starts hosting a netplay session by itself.

When this happens, I have to go in to “Netplay” and “Host”, and “Stop Netplay.”

This behavior seems to be tied to opening the RetroArch UI. Most often it happens upon first starting up RetroArch, but I’ve also had it come up while opening the UI to change games. I’ve had to go in and stop netplay up to three or four times per session of using RetroArch.

Netplay automatically starting is not a solid guarantee, though. It doesn’t happen every single time I bring up the RetroArch UI. If I had to estimate, it’s somewhere between 60% to 70% of the time.

I’m not sure what’s causing it. I don’t know if this is related, but I also often run in to RetroArch giving me a “Missing assets” error after updating from the Google Play store a lot. Going in to the Online Updater and doing “Update Assets” will usually fix that.

A few weeks ago, I had also encountered something where RetroArch would crash while the UI was open. Often RetroArch would crash before I could even get a game to load. Going in to “Configuration File” and “Reset to Defaults” fixed that, but not I’m not sure why it was necessary, given it wasn’t a problem I’d had before. Despite that, RetroArch automatically starting netplay continues to be a problem.

If I had to guess, this might be stemming from a permissions issue with the phone itself, but I guess I’m not well-versed enough in that to know. It’s definitely something that didn’t used to happen when I first got the phone last year, but also Google Play RetroArch is updating basically daily at this point, so I don’t have any idea when it started happening specifically.

This behavior seems to be tied to opening the RetroArch UI Have you checked in your hotkey bindings if you’ve accidentally bound something to ‘Netplay Hosting (Toggle)’?

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While I’m sharing screenshots, here’s RetroArch starting netplay automatically on the main menu the instant I load the app

And here it is this morning once again complaining about missing assets while updating to the newest version.

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I have figured out what is triggering netplay to start: my phone’s fingerprint sensor. I don’t even have any fingerprints registered on my phone (I find it to be too finicky), but if I put any finger on the sensor and it reads a valid print while RetroArch is open, it will start netplay.

Keep in mind as per the previous screenshots, I do not have a netplay hotkey set up. I don’t think RetroArch should be reading my finger print sensor to do this, unless there’s a setting I’m not aware of. It also only starts netplay – a second valid fingerprint scan will just restart netplay (as opposed to turning it off).

I thought i’m the only one who has this issue

Hey, having a similar issue, but it seems to be starting netplay every time i move the phone (so tied to the accelerometer?) It starts netplay, and also moves up the menu on retro arch. I cant find a way to disable this. Also I was having the same thing where the rear fingerprint sensor starts netplay but in android settings disabling ‘swiping the fingerprint sensor to bring down notifications’ fixed that.

I wonder if this is a Motorola device specific issue, as I have a 2021 moto g play and I continuously get this issue, but I have RetroArch on a onn tablet and Linux and it isn’t an issue

Having similar issues on a 2022 moto g power - netplay toggle is not bound but activates when I touch the fingerprint sensor. Running git version 14cb373, RetroArch version 1.16.0

Same problem here with a Xiaomi A2 Lite phone. The fingerprint sensor triggers two notifications: the one about netplay and “Keyboard overlay is not set”.