RetroArch Linux Directories

New to the forum.

I’ve been sleeping on RetroArch for some time and I finaly gave it a go after weeks of looking for a replacement to LaunchBox in Linux. I’ve been pretty happy with not having to mess around with emulators and what not.

I’ve been testing RetroArch for a week and it’s suddenly stopped scanning games. Is there some documentation for this (All I’m finding is troubleshooting for games not scanning after first install of RetroArch, which is nto my problem).

Lastly, as a nuke option, is there documentation that shows all of the directories for RetroArch? I may wipe these and start fresh if I’m unable to get it to scan games again.



Welcome to forum :slight_smile: Make sure you have latest version and updated database which you can update under online updater.

All of RetroArch’s directories are listed (and changeable) in settings > directory.

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Thank you. I have a version of RetroArch built for Manjaro Linux by someone in the Manjaro community. The approved version of RetroArch has issues in Manjaro that I’m not fully aware of.

I’ve updated the database.

Thank you. I’ll write these down in case I need to nuke it.

I was wrong, I was thinking of Steam having a special Manjaro version. I’m running official RetroArch on Manjaro Linux.