Retroarch locks up when loading content

Whenever I try to run games retroarch freezes. The menu will stay there and then Android says retroarch is not responding. If I tell Android to wait to see if retroarch will respond, the game eventually runs after about 30 seconds to a minute later and everything seems to run normally. This happens at playlist entries and load content. Any ideas?

what kind of games/cores do this? Are they stored on your internal or removable storage? If removable, have you tried switching to internal?

So far it’s with the mame current core and bsnes core. All of my ROMs are on internal storage.

hmm, those should be okay. dunno what would be holding it up. Maybe try generating a log and kill the process when it hangs. That should show us the last thing it tries to do before hanging.

Here is the log you requested. Now when it finally does run after a minute, it locks up when I try to close the content.

=== Build ======================================= Capabilities: ASIMD [INFO] Built: May 2 2022 [INFO] Version: 1.10.3 [INFO] Git: 102abb0 [INFO] ================================================= === Build ======================================= Capabilities: ASIMD [INFO] Built: May 2 2022 [INFO] Version: 1.10.3 [INFO] Git: 102abb0 [INFO] ================================================= System not found: MAME Download of ‘/storage/emulated/0/RetroArch/thumbnails/MAME/Named_Snaps/pacman.png’ failed: Internal error.

hmm, looks like it’s trying to do something with thumbnails. Can you try disabling thumbnail downloading and see if that does anything?

You might also try updating to a newer version of RetroArch, since we’re on version 1.14.0 now.

Unbeknownst to me I did have thumbnail downloading enabled without my wireless service turned on. In my preliminary testing of different ROMs and cores, the lock-up problem seems to have gone away! I’ll reply if the problem comes back but it looks like it’s fixed. Thank you!

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Awesome! I hope that keeps you fixed up.

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