Retroarch Mame Rom Subsets

Hello to all!!,

First would like to thank the retro arch developers for all there hard work, great program a little complicated but it is just awesome. Been using mame like before windows 95. Here is my question I have googled my question over and over and can not find an answer. I am using Mame 2003 Plus core with a romset that matches, mame games run and load fine. BUT Here is an example sunset riders has a whole bunch of subsets in mame including 2 player version which let u pick that characters also simpsons has a 2 player cabinet so your not stuck with marge every single time.

Okay so has folders for each subset with the main rom fles in the parent directory. HOW DO I GET RETROARCH to launch a rom subset version In ?? example ssriders has a sub set folder called ssridersebd which is 2 player ebd version of the game. The ebd folder has 3 files in it. I have tried everything I combined those files with the parent ones and made a new called but stiil retroarch loaded the 4 player version? argh! so i thought i had it deleted the main nv file replaced it with the ebd file added 2 extra files from the ssridersebd folder rezipped it again as RETROARCH still loaded the 4 player version!!! What AM I Doing wrong I am going insane trying to figure this out…

Thanks in advance to anybody that can shed some light on this topic.

You need a non-merged set, that means each rom and all it’s versions are separated roms. That, or you can use a rom manager that will split your files and create proper roms with their correct names. Though, i never used such a tool myself so i don’t know how exactly it works.

The easiest solution is to stop using that ancient 2003 version and download a more recent, non-merged set, for a more recent MAME core. It should be much easier to find a more recent romset than a non-merged 2003 one but i could be wrong.

Thanks for your reply that nudged me in the right direction. Was able to locate non merged roms from the internet library. And I am all set now!

Now I can go back to making everything looking pretty I like to make mini cabinets in mame. Just got launch box to work with retro arch.

Launch box has that good looking box interface. I Take the realistic arcade bezels and shrink them into mini cabinets its like to me virtual versions of the mini arcade cabinets I buy except the virtual cabinets run the real arcade rom and not the Nintendo version like most cases of my arcades and that other toy company that makes 20$ mini cabinets.

Here are 2 examples of some of my custom work.

I have a 1920x1200 display so I shrunk them down from the 4K version I thought retrroarch was stretching the image but once I got everything set 1920x1200 displayed perfectly.

Thanks again.