Retroarch Mednafen Saturn Core doesn't work the cartridge Game


I attempted to Play the game KOF95 and Ultraman which is working with expansion cartridge.

The game was not working. It was just a message saying that the ROM pack wasn’t properly inserted.

I’ve already placed the bios (mpr-17933.bin, mpr-18811-mx.ic1, mpr-19367-mx.ic1, sega_101.bin) in the folder ‘retroarch/system’

so I tried another way mednafen 0.9.48 + mednaffe GUI. this system is worked fine the KOF95, Ultraman. but Mednafen 0.9.48 + retroarch 1.64 ~ 1.70, WIN10, 64bit version didn’t worked.

If this is a bug, I hope it can be corrected and if there is a way to be normal, I hope you let me know.


I wasn’t aware the cartridge slot used bios. I thought this was set in the quick menu > core options and then done.

Do we have a list of games and what cartridges they used? I’d be happy to test them.


Thank you for answering my question. First, the bios needed for the Saturn games are mpr-17933.bin, sega_101.bin. The first BIOS is needed for the game of the U.S. and Europe, and the second BIOS is needed for the game of the Japanese version. Both files were placed in the retroarch\system folder. I’ve also included two files, mpr-18811-mx.ic1, mpr-19367-mx.ic1. the first is the cartridge file of ‘KOF 95’. and second one is the cartridge file of ‘Ultraman: Hikari no Kyojin Densetsu’ Both of these files were placed in the retroarch\system folder too. However, when I attempted to play the games KOF95,Ultraman on retroarch, It didn’t recognize the ROM cartridge. I would be glad if you would test this problem.


You need both the bios in your system folder and to go into the core options and set the expansion slot to the correct cart (default “auto” sometimes doesn’t work right so select whatever cart kof needs)


There should be 3 BIOS for sure just for regions . 1 for USA, 1 for Europe, and 1 for Japan.

I wasn’t aware of the KOF cart or Ultraman cart BIOS I’ll have to track those down.

Are these carts distinct from the standard MB RAM expansions that games like X-Men vs. Street Fighter would use?


Ok, so I tracked down the BIOS for the KOF and Ultraman roms.

Loaded each game, confirmed the insert rom message on both. For each game, I set the proper cartridge type, and saved game options. Then exited and loaded the games again.

After that, I can confirm that the BIOS for these games just aren’t functioning properly.

I think this might be a bug, unless something else is going on.


Come to think of it, I’m not sure of how to confirm if the other cart options are working at all either.

Such as the Backup RAM, the 1MB Extended RAM, or the 4MB Extended RAM.

It’s quite possible from what I can tell that perhaps none of these are working.


Thank you for telling me the results of the test.

Retroarch appears to have a bug about Saturn’s Extanded Rom cartidge game.

I hope the retroarch next version resolves this problem. Thank you.


nothing looks wrong with ultraman as far as loading the game… testing kof95 and will post SS that these cart games are running…


OMG. Does it work? I was really surprised to see your screenshot. Won’t you tell me specific information of play the cart game on retroarch.


nothing different outside from the guide. just make sure those mpr-xxxx-mx.ic1 files are in system folder and it should automatically be loaded.

UPDATE: sorry for the confusion. looks like i was using an older repo for the test. cart loading is indeed broken in latest commit. i sent an update to fix this and hopefully this will be available in next buildbot update.

UPDATE2: PR has been merged. please update mednafen saturn core and try again.


Thank You!

Now It’s works perfectly.

Thank you for your effort to make this work.


You’re the man wertz! It’s working great now after a quick update.

Thanks so much!

Out of curiosity, would that bug have any effect on the 4MB or 1MB Extended RAM carts, or just the 2 for KOF & Ultraman?


no. its only these carts that require external files as-far-as-i-know. the others options and extended RAM should be automatically set depending on the game that requires them(as long as you set the option to Auto). you can verify them when you look at logs(although even if it lists the ram carts, i have not tried to check if those are really activated or such.):

Here is a website that lists games that require these rom/ram carts:


That helps quite a bit actually. I usually just set it to 4MB and leave it be. (Minus the 2 above, which are set via game options to switch)

I’ll have a look at the list and see what I can figure out, see if I notice the noted changes on those kinds.

Thanks again!


Just to follow up, it looks like the RAM carts are working. I didn’t realize how many of these games wouldn’t even load without them. I thought they just enhanced the graphics/animations lol derp.


Hi, Just wonder where did you get mpr-19367-mx.ic1 file for Ultraman? I have tried to run the game but mednafen asks for that file. Thank you


This is part of the MESS romset