Retroarch menu does not respond to keyboard or gamepad


Hello I’ve installed retroarch and libretro cores via PPA on ubuntu 15.10. When I launch the program, the orange/pink menu comes up, but I can’t navigate the menu. Nothing is responding exept when I press the “/” and the search screen comes up. I can still search in the search screen, and it will navigate to the corresponding option in the menu. I cannot however, select this option because pressing “x”, “z”, “Enter”, “Esc”, or anything else just doesn’t anything. I couldn’t find any similar issue to anywhere on the web.

Looking forward to suggestions Many thanks! Binoman


Well, try change the archive of config. Download this archive of my retroarch.!tk9ASTwJ use this key to download !EmVFwX2zDmKhot4Xnys2wmL6cpKi6BOpcZRgWyoeAQE

After download, follow this steps.

  1. extract the file from .z7 on Downloads/
  2. run terminal
  3. use this command to found the archive.

$ cd Downloads/ && ls

  1. use this command to copy to folder retroarch.

$ cp Downloads/retroarch.cfg .config/retroarch

Now use Exit to close terminal and open retroarch again.


Thanks for your help! I downloaded the file, and completed the instructions. I opened Retroarch. The language has changed, but I still cannot navigate. Any idea what to do? Thanks!


Try to remove retroarch with command

$ sudo apt-get remove retroarch , and install again with this code. $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libretro/stable && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install retroarch retroarch-* libretro-* . If doesn’t work I no have idea.


If your joypad is PS3 like, them you need to press the PS button first, otherwise both keyboard and joystick will not respond. It’s a known issue for a while:

You don’t need to install again the PPA and retroarch again…


[QUOTE=Nilo007x;30276]Try to remove retroarch with command, and install again with this code. . If doesn’t work I no have idea.[/QUOTE] It didn’t work. I even tried the purge command. But thanks anyway, appreciated! But I did discovered something new. Thanks to sergio-br2, mentioning the PS3 joystick, I started to unplug more things. When I disconnected the keyboard and mouse, and took control using Teamviewer, I was able to navigate again. When the mouse is connected the program is acting as if the down key is always pressed. When the keyboard is connected I cannot move at all. Please, what is going on? Thanks!


Could you try changing keyboard input driver of RetroArch? Edit the config file: $ gedit ~/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg (If you don’t have gedit, try vi, nano, kedit, leafpad, or whatever text editor you have)

Find the line: input_driver = “udev”

Try changing “udev” with “linuxraw”, “sdl2”, or “x” and save your config file. Each input driver reads keyboard input in different way. The default is “udev” which tries to read input directly from hardware, but it might not work correctly in certrain hardware or Linux kernel.


I changed it to “sdl2” and it did it! I’m still stuck when I plug the mouse though. Any ideas? Your help is game saving! Thanks


like foreground255 said, I edited the config file, switching “udev” by “linuxraw”, and things became back to normal for me


Having a similar issue here, running RetroArch on Raspberry Pi when I select Save Output Recording as… it displays a box with no on screen keyboard or view of the keys. Keyboard input is not recognised so you have to try to randomly pick the characters you want to enter.