RetroArch Menu Font Styles (Other Than XMB)

Hi fellow retro gamers!

In XMB one is able to change the UI font. Is this possible with Ozone currently?

Also, where would the best place be to formally request the below?

  1. Ability to change UI font in Ozone (and other UIs maybe?)
  2. Ability to set/alter for selected font: Shadow, outline, color
  3. Ability to set/alter these varuiables based on title (bigger font usually) and info (smaller font usually)


Also I had another question/feature request about how RA saves states/other stuff on a rom to rom basis

Correct me if im wrong but it looks like there are 3 options to have RA save a state for example:

  1. Sort Save/SaveState to content directory
  2. Sort Save/SaveState to corename directory
  3. Write Save/SaveState to content directory


  1. How is #1 and #3 different?
  2. What I would like ideally is a 4th option, is thjis possible?

%LoadedRomFolder%-> Saves-> %RomName%-> %RomName%.state# & %RomName%.srm & %RomName%.state#.png (etc)

I would like to avoid having one folder filled with potentially 1000s of savestate or all roms mixed together with all the roms. A nice, neat separate save directory would be great.

The ozone appearance options are all planned, but the guy who made that menu got a job and doesn’t have as much time to work on things as he once had, so no ETA on any of it.

Sorting means it goes into folders, writing means it just gets dumped in there.

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Oh well thats too bad. Its always nice to have theme editing ability but it looks alright in some of the presets.

Any input on the functionality of how RA saves? It feels more convoluted and less functional than it should, but maybe im not seeing things right.

AFAIK, the ideal situation you described isn’t doable currently. It separates them into [saves or states]/[corename]/gamename.srm-or-state