[Retroarch Metal/M1] Is Beetle PSX working for anyone?

If I start a game with Beetle PSX core RetroArch crashes on my 13" MBP / Big Sur 11.6.1. PCSX/R Core works. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hmm, can you post a log of it failing to load?

I tried using it with the Racing Lagoon English Patch and it Crashes when Loading Up

I had BeetlePSX crashes when I first installed RetroArch four days ago, but they just sort of went away after a day. I don’t think I had even run the core updater at that point. The core just started working. I also had (post core-update) crashes in the FBNeo core yesterday, but they’re gone today.

Using a baseline M1 Air.

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So, I’ve looked again this week and that problem seems to be fixed.

But another one emerges: starting the beetle core completely breaks controls. Meaning keyboard AND controller don’t work anymore and there seems no way to fix this. You can’t use the menu after a game has been started with beetle, you can’t do pretty much anything.

I don’t have this either. Tested with two different Bluetooth controllers (8bitdo SN30 Pro+ and Retrobit Saturn pad), and keyboard.

That said, I have had a large number of inconsistent bugs which can disappear with nothing more than the passage of time. One day a core will hard crash, the next day it will be fine. Sometimes I can reboot and get different behaviours. Sometimes reboots change nothing. Sometimes behaviours change with no reboot. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Not M1 (I have a 2018 13" MacBook Pro with an i7), but I have issues using a DualShock 4 controller in-game. The controller works fine in the RetroArch interface, etc., but when playing Wipeout 3, pushing left on the analog stick will often register as right.

I’ve tried using the DS4 both via Bluetooth and USB, and get the same recurring, but not constant, issue.

This will sometimes just go away after a while, but sometimes it seems to stay like this until I reset and try again. Sometimes it doesn’t give me any problems and I can complete an entire race, but not often. It only appears to be when pushing left on the left stick, and always the problem is that it registers as right. Pushing right (or any other input) doesn’t give me a problem.

is it only when you press it all the way? if so, there could be an overflow in the value, in which case dropping the sensitivity by a small amount may correct it.

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That totally appears to be it. I don’t think it was only when pushing all the way to the left, but I tried to “finesse” my inputs a little, moving the stick as little as possible, and the problem wasn’t as bad. Changing the analog sensitivity to 0.9 seems to be giving me much better results.

As further evidence to support your hypothesis, it looks like pushing up on the left stick was also sometimes registering as down (not as frequently as the left/right issue I was experiencing).

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Just a quick update as the OP of this thread:

Meanwhile my problems have been fixed. The issue was that Retroarch expected it’s System-Folder to be at another location (in ~/Documents/Retroarch instead of ~/LibraryApplication Support/Retroarch, which is where I’ve put it.) So it couldn’t access the bios files which in turn let to weird behaviour in a number of emulators, especially beetle-psx which crashed initially or didn’t register/disconnected the controller. Also in bsnes-hd where some games (Mariokart) crashed due to missing dsp-roms or behaved in other ways weirdly.

Solution was to change the folder path in settings/directories. I don’t use the one in ~/documents and I’d prefer if all supporting files would be kept in one location alone by default.

!Always check if you have all the required bios roms for your cores (settings/cores/info).

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