[Retroarch Metal/M1] Is Beetle PSX working for anyone?

If I start a game with Beetle PSX core RetroArch crashes on my 13" MBP / Big Sur 11.6.1. PCSX/R Core works. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hmm, can you post a log of it failing to load?

I tried using it with the Racing Lagoon English Patch and it Crashes when Loading Up

I had BeetlePSX crashes when I first installed RetroArch four days ago, but they just sort of went away after a day. I don’t think I had even run the core updater at that point. The core just started working. I also had (post core-update) crashes in the FBNeo core yesterday, but they’re gone today.

Using a baseline M1 Air.

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So, I’ve looked again this week and that problem seems to be fixed.

But another one emerges: starting the beetle core completely breaks controls. Meaning keyboard AND controller don’t work anymore and there seems no way to fix this. You can’t use the menu after a game has been started with beetle, you can’t do pretty much anything.

I don’t have this either. Tested with two different Bluetooth controllers (8bitdo SN30 Pro+ and Retrobit Saturn pad), and keyboard.

That said, I have had a large number of inconsistent bugs which can disappear with nothing more than the passage of time. One day a core will hard crash, the next day it will be fine. Sometimes I can reboot and get different behaviours. Sometimes reboots change nothing. Sometimes behaviours change with no reboot. ¯_(ツ)_/¯