Retroarch micro stutters?

Hello, so i been experiencing some micro stutters in Retroarch. Like, i play for 15 secs then stutters, then play for another 30 secs another stutter. This wasn’t like this before…I have a gsync monitor (240hz) and i have the “Sync to Exact Content Framerate” option On and also Vsync, so i’m not really sure what might be causing this. Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue?

Try moving your retroarch.cfg somewhere else temporarily and then, when it creates a new one from defaults, only enable ‘sync to exact content framerate’ and see if it still stutters. If so, your problem is likely outside of RetroArch (maybe GPU control panel is messing with sync?). Also, make sure in settings > video > fullscreen mode that ‘windowed fullscreen’ is OFF.

Yeah its still doing. I did mess with some nvidia settings yesterday but i restored everything to default.

EDIT : So after testing a bunch of stuff out to the point that I even went to my basement to grab my other old monitor lol i concluded that the issue has to do with Gsync. When i was testing retroarch on this old monitor I was mind blown because it was playing perfect, no stutter during scrolling. I forgot that this monitor didn’t have Gsync and that was when it clicked in my head what if i completely disable Gsync on my main monitor? Yup no issues whatsoever with gsync disabled and the Sync to Exact Content Framerate OFF.

Vsync on, Sync To Exact Content Framerate on, Windowed Fullscreen off and use the Set Display Reported Refresh Rate option. In my testing, it didn’t matter if I left the Nvidia Control Panel Vsync setting at “Application Controlled” or “On”.

Note that some cores like Flycast and the N64 cores don’t work well with Sync to Exact Content Framerate, but all the NES, SNES, Genesis, ect. cores have been fine from my tests.

I’ve found the Vulkan video driver to work the best with Gsync, since there isn’t a small delay before fast forward engages like gl and glcore have.

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Man it’s really amazing now. Imma forget bout gsync for now, legit 0 issues, so happy! Thanks a lot peeps :grinning:

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