RetroArch - Native CRT Support


@yuke you can just load the core and go to options


I cant sadly. There is no option entry in the menu if i only load the core…some weird shit going on here…



You can open it in a text editor and delete all the lines that start with the core’s name.

Not seeing options until content is loaded is normal behavior. The core isn’t fully initialized until content is loaded.


Hello, i dont have any entries about the paraLELL emu it seems…

Here is my cfg-file, maybe someone can see whats the problem or can tell me why glupen64 has the slowdowns.


Another question: It seems that im missing one superresolution for proper ResSwitching on the PS1…Anyone knows what Resolution the PS1 bootup screen has? Seems to be an interlaced resolution i didnt set yet (startup screen of the game seems to have the same resolution thats missing).


It will be either 640x480@60, 640x448@60 or 640x576@50, 640x512@50. Sorry I can’t be more specific but PSX is known to have 8 resolutions.


Automatic aspect ratio switching is at the heart of CRTSwitchRes. Without it super resolutions would not work.


I guess i have them installed and just forgot how messy interlaced resolution are…the flickering probably made me think they are not installed…do you think the switch between 240p and 480i in games will improve in the future? Its kinda messy in games like Chrono Cross. Sound jitter and a bit laggy.


Could you paste me your cfg file entries for paraLELL so i can add them to mine please? I have no idea why i cant make it start…do i need a minimum of hardware so it can work? I just have a core2duo 3.2ghz in this emulation machine.


oh, core2duo isn’t going to run those plugins, unfortunately.


Oh, well. That explains it i guess…what do i need to run them? Oh i just checked that its a hyperthreading plugin? Its still weird that i cant even make it run without loading any plugin…?

I still dont understand why the Mupen64 has those slowdowns…this even works on my Pi without problems…

I checked my video settings when Mupen had those slowdowns where i couldnt proceed anymore…fps went down to 30, could this be the problem?


So, could I use CRTSwitchRes to achieve automatic integer scale custom aspect ratio switching on an LCD display? It would be great if the custom integer scale aspect ratio changed whenever the game’s resolution changes, so that scaling artifacts could be avoided at all times.


Managed to get paraLELL working (c++ redistributable missing) but there is no superresolution switch going on? Does it even work with this Emulator? Am i missing some resolution entries?

Tried Angrylion + cxd4 like suggested.

Nevermind, had to restart Retroarch…switching seems to work now but it doesnt fill the screen (black bars horizontally and vertically)… also it runs like shit now with super resolutions active :stuck_out_tongue: Guess thats just my hardware limitation…was running full speed without CRT switching tho…


Dolphin working too now…gamecube performance better than in my n64 emulation lol…no idea if my cpu or my gpu is limiting…but i guess its the cpu right? Radeon HD6450 should be enough? Thinking about buying a cheap quadcore from ebay for 25 euros…


If you’re going to buy a new CPU for N64, it might be best to just save up and get one that can run Angrylion/cxd4.


Im not sure whats happening.

My Pi3 has a QuadCore CPU clocked at 1535Mhz and a shitty on chip GPU and runs my N64 games better. My Dual Core 3.2Ghz is struggling with N64 ALOT. Even the screen in F-Zero where you just pick the track is lagging like hell. I also tried the other gfx plugins but the performance is absolutly the same. Shitty but the same…

Not sure if its the emulator or my hardware… Im using glupen64 with my PI but i cant test und compare it on my dual core cpu system because of the mentioned slowdown three seconds after starting the Game…

Im going to replace my main PC early next year and i could use my desktop PC for emulation then but i prefer to use the small form factor optiplex i bought cheap from ebay…fits perfectly under my TV table (same size as my NES) could upgrade it with 3ghz quadcore cpu but not sure if this will fix my performance problem…Metroid Prime already runs with 45fps … my system isnt that slow.


Maybe you should try to launch N64 games with a standalone emulator. I think cores are optimised depending the hardware you are using, so it’s not surprising you are experiencing slowdowns with N64 and not gc for instance.


Yeah, even tho it has it charm to navigate all your emulators and games via a GUI…hope there will be a cool frontend that is usable with CRTres switch on (or is there already one for windows machines?).

I ordered a 3 Ghz Quadcore CPU for 30 euro on ebay. Hopefully i can get the 10-15fps im missing with it. Dolphin recommends Quadcore with high as possible clockspeed. Two cores for emulation only and the other two for everything else going on with the system…hopefully it will also help with my N64 problem (even tho i still think i failed configurating it properly).

By the way: Is there a way to implement “Latency” settings into the gamespecific cfg file you can create? My games need different run ahead values between 1 and 3 frames and its kinda annoying to always adjust it.


@Alphanu have you tried the Atari800 core with switchres? It is not changing to a superwide resolution here. Is there any specific resolution for it?


hi! can anyone tell me if raspberry pi supports this res switching stuff, yet? i know the pi’s GPU has an api which supports run-time crt timing changes, but it’s a unique api, so would need a special code path.

if it hasn’t been done, maybe i can assist? i am looking for an excuse to pick up a CRT.