RetroArch - Native CRT Support


Does your TV/monitor have any hardware controls for reducing the horizontal size?

If you’re using RA with super-res, I assume you can reduce the horizontal integer scale factor to make it fit.


Do you mean “Custom Aspect Ratio Width” ?

Sadly i cant access my service menu. Only thing that is happening when i input the codes is that my settings get reset (brightness, contrast, etc…)

I was able to get the overscan reduced abit but my Pixelclock went 3 Mhz higher. Thats bad i guess?

Thanks for the help!


You just need to hilight front porch and back porch then press left or right. If you don’t have enough movement in them you need to change the sync pulse

Once this is done you can copy the mode to your clipboard o the previous menu screen.


What about the Dotclock? It changes all the time and no idea if thats good.


That mode line is a monitor spec line, so it does not include the reolution or dotclock. It is used to calculate the proches. So the rest of the work is done after this default spec line.


Okay, let me get this straight…so i change the values under arcadeOSD, for example the 2560x240 resolution. I ignore the change of the dotclock, write down the value differences ive applied (as long as i dont get a blank screen everything is ok?) and then apply the value changes to my monitor-spec line? And it will generate resolutions with my fixed overscan but the correct dotclocks i need?


The monitor spec line is not the video modeline. The monitor spec line is just a set of defaulted value that are used to generate a modeline.

The dotclock is calculated from the resolution, posches and refresh rate. They will change a lot especially when resolutions change. It is also known as the pixelclock. It sets how fast it needs to draw a pixel so that it can draw an entire line of pixels within 63us (micro seconds). So it is the last thing that will be calculated. VMM will do that by taking your monitor spec as a guide. Then it will look at your actual modeline list (.ini) then with this information VMM will generate the video modelines.


Holy shit, i just found the entrance code for my service menu…i think im good now (thanks for the help tho)…have to read into those values now and need a good test picture i guess…

I guess i should use a 320x240 picture to adjust everything?


Ok. Im doing good so far lol. The lack of vertical options sucks tho, cant stretch the picture vertically. Is it possible to stretch it with V. Porches and Sync changes? Everything i tried so far only moved the picture around…but same size.

And pathetic noob question at last:

Whats the pros/cons of native resolutions vs. superresolutions?


@Alphanu @hunterk @Yuke Following all these reported issues, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to share a link to a CRT preconfigured retroarch archive + comprehensive vmm reslist.ini. It could help, as tutorials are hard to find :slight_smile:


No point from my side atm. I have still too many issues. Vertical screen fitting and some emulators wont start for some reason (N64 and Dolphin for example).


Anyone having an idea why my N64 games start and then after 3-4 seconds the sound gets super “jittery” as if the gamespeed is reduced by 500% or something and i cant proceed to the next picture?


What driver are you using? Angy Lion?


not sure what you mean, those are my drivers:

Im not even sure if its a real problem…Maybe the Emulator is not compatible with CRTres switch?..because i have normal sound for like 3-4 seconds but when the first picture is supposed to load i get the described slowdown…


Alphanu means the “video driver” used in parallel. You can access it via the retroarch menu. Select “Quick Menu” and then “Options”. All the parallel N64 emulator core options are there.


@Yuke There are a few video driver you can use. Anrgy Lion is the most accurate but is very heavy on CPU usage.


thanks ill check it out later.

:edit: ok the described slowdown is with Mupen64…when i try paraLELL i get an error message on bootup that libetrocore couldnt be loaded.


I hear Angrylion gfx plugin (also requires cxd4 RSP) provides a good experience with CRTs. I’m not sure the other plugins will report the correct resolution or not.


Was automatic custom ratio changing ever implemented, or is that still something that you’re planning on looking into? If you do wind up adding this, it would also be really great for maintaining artifact-free integer scaling on an LCD display with games that use multiple resolutions.


Is there a cfg file i can set those things without starting a game? Because i cant enter the option menu if the core crashes on gameload…