RetroArch - Native CRT Support


Just tried. DX9 and SDL crashed (rom didnt load) and DX10 was same as GL.


Is there a specific reason you want to use win 10?


no, guess ill get me a cheap win7 copy from somewhere.


just finished installing win7…will continue to terrorize you tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


@alphanu @Yuke

I’m using Windows 10 and CRT without a problem whatsoever. Both for Groovymame and RA CRT. Also realize that Windows 10 has lots of improvements over 7, for example the audio stack has much lowered latency.

In my view there’s no reason for sticking with old Windows versions. If you read the groovymame forums then you’ll see Calamity mentioning the same.

My suggestion for yuke would be to first see if CRT emudriver plus Groovymame is working;

if he can run games with groovymame on the CRT without any of these issues only then move to RA CRT. That way you’ll know if the issue is with RA or (if groovymame has the same issue) with the installation.


Yeah, fair enoug but fact is that there was no progress to be seen in fixing this, so ill give win7 a chance. The 3€ i spent on the key wont kill me.


No bluescreen after “Accepting Calamity” at the CRT driver install…win10 always gave me one.


Yep…works with Windows7. Could have guessed that a bluescreen isnt the way its supposed to react lol…

Now to the finetuning…how can i center the image/make it fit? I worked with hdmi timings and overscan values in the past (retropie image) but have no clue how this works.


You’ll need to run ArcadeOSD. In there you can fine tune the horizontal and vertical positions, sync pulse and porches.

Be carefull when doing it. As soon as you start to see discoloration in the screen you at the edge of the sync range your TV can handle.


Mhh, do i really have to adjust it for every listed mode? I have like 80 installed …


When you install modes you can set a pre-set TV type. If your lucky enough to have yours listed choose it. If not, choose a few different ones and see which fits best. You can create your own pre-set by creating a copy of one and changing some of the porch values. However, that is not a simple task.

Hopefully one pre-set will work well with most resolutions and you’ll only have to use OSD for a few.


mhhh, ok, ill check those pre-sets in VMM. By the way, it wasnt a problem with the OS…i put some of my BIOS files in the system directory and i had the problem with the squeezed screen again…deleted the bios files and its working again…so i guess i could go back to windows10 if i want to…what the hell…


What emu are you using. It could simply be that the resolution is not installed. PSX has many resolutions. I use bettle PSX which you have to have a bois for


Me 2, Beetle was the main reason i wanted to test this out. I cant stand using bilinear filtering with pcsx on my retropie/pi2scart system. Destroying the whole pixel look and all the other emulators were kinda locked out for ARM cpus…

When i deleted all my bios i had (i presume i could copy them over from my retropie system) the squeezed resolutions went back to normal again…very weird.


Maybe a link to a wiki or tuts for both windows and linux could be great :slight_smile:

As for linux, I still dont manage to make it switch resolution under ubuntu. It’s driving me crazy, I maybe will switch back to win 7 finally :slight_smile: Anyway, again, thanks for the great work to you :slight_smile:


Hello, its me again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a question about the “monitor_specs” line and the Porch values in it.

I know the Porch values from the HDMI timings i changed in retropie but the dimensions in the monitor_specs line are kinda weird. Especially the vertical porch has values under 1 which i dont know how much i can change to shift the image? Am i missing something here? I want to shift my image to the left and to the top by increasing the horizontal/vertical front porch while decreasing the horizontal/vertical back porch by an equal amount. In Retropie i could change those values by 10-12 without shifting the picture too much…i feel like the dimensions in the monitor_spec line are different…


I managed to center my image but there is still the problem of horizontal overscan i dont know how to battle.

Anyone can tell me what those values in the monitor_spec line do/change?

ProgressiveLinesMin, ProgressiveLinesMax, InterlacedLinesMin, InterlacedLinesMax



@Yuke, could you send your modeline file please ?



Sure, but use with care.

crt_range0 15625-16200, 49.50-65.00, 3.000, 4.700, 7.000, 0.260, 0.192, 0.828, 0, 0, 192, 288, 448, 576

I have no idea what most of the values do besides the Porches. Not even sure if i have to add “NTSC” resolutions like 240p to the line … or what the 0, 0 does


Ok so the first numbers are your khz range 15.6khz to 16.2khz next is your vertical refresh range 49.50hz to 65hz.

Following this are the porches three for each.

Now what you can do is play with arcadeOSD open a couple of resolutions like 2560x240 and 2560x480. Play with the porches within arcadeOSD, then there is an option to copy the mode to you clipboard. Past them in notepad and compare them. There will be a fair difference. Average out the numbers and use them in the monitor spec. It takes a few tries to get it right but once its done all resolutions will be pretty close to perfect.


i sadly dont understand the test picture at all. What is indicating that i have massive horizontal overscan?


Ok, apparently there are supposed to be triangles/arrows left and right lol. My Overscan is so bad that i cant see them. There is no way i can get them into my picture.

I saw that i can change the Superresolution to 1920 down from 2560. Would that help me if i install all the superresolutions in 1920xWhatever and run 1920 in Retroarch?

What about native resolution support? Not good enough to use?