Retroarch (

I’ve been following this page for a few years and I remember when Retroarch was briefly mentioned but started rising quickly through the ranks, replacing the standalone emulators. I’m not sure if you guys @hunterk and the team know about this. Great info there, specially for those starting in the emulation scene.

It’s telling that there are still so many quotes from Kale’s 2012 commentary there. The actual status of individual drivers is often not quite clear to users. The Apple overview here is great, I hope there are more efforts like that in the future.

Yeah, I talk to the guy who runs that site fairly regularly. He’s a fair, even-handed fella, definitely not a libretro fanboy. He mostly asks me questions about setup so he gets a proper comparison; e.g., making sure there’s not some setting that’s breaking some core function, or just not knowing the name of an important setting and thinking it’s not there as a result, etc.

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