RetroArch not loading SRAM

Hi there everyone, I’m using RetroArch on my Poco X4 Pro 5G (MIUI 13.0.2/Android 12)…

Unfortunately when I’m running game the SRAM is not loaded, so my hi-scores are not stored. I know I can use save states, but I’m not a fan of this feature. Tried with different cores (FBneo, MAME - Current) with no success. Tried with both versions: Google Play and standalone (downloaded directly from official site).

Here’s log from running DonPachi and it states that Loading SRAM is skipped.

Does anyone had such issue? Thanks in advance!

AFAIK, the arcade cores don’t handle the high scores through SRAM. Try this for FBNeo:

I’ve got Batocera setup, where RetroArch is used and sRAM files are loaded without a flaw, no matter whether it’s M.A.M.E. or FBNeo.