Retroarch not recognizing ROMs anymore? (9.14)

Hi everyone!

I’ve been greatly enjoying RetroArch with Retroachievements on my Xbox Series S, but it suddenly stopped working. Since yesterday, Retroachievements suddenly wouldn’t work anymore (every game was suddenly an “unknown game” even though I’d been earning achievements in it just fine up to that point), so I thought I might be able to fix it by updating RetroArch to v.9.14 (I was on 9.12, I think), but now Retroarch won’t even scan ROMs anymore…

I updated RetroArch on my PC to 9.14 as well, and I’m having the same issue: scanning a folder or a file returns 0 results, even though everything had been working just fine. Loading a file directly won’t work either. Any idea what could be causing this!?

Thanks in advance!