Retroarch on new M1 MacBooks - controller issues!


So I’m familiar with retroarch on pi, windows and linux but not Mac OS and I’m trying to get it working on my new m1 MacBook Air. seems to be working fine except I can’t find a single joypad/controller that works! The closest I’ve come is plugging in a PS3 controller is actually detected in retroarch but says “not configured” when I plug it in. When I’ve searched for help on this the retroarch support says go to “user 1 bindings” and work through each option… However, I can’t find “user 1 bindings” in the menu! If I go to “port 1 controls” I can see it has detected “PLAYSTATION®3 Controller (1)”; however if I try to bind any of the buttons it times out as nothing on the controller seems to be detected.

Can anyone help me get ANY controller working on my Mac? I have xbox controllers and ps3 controllers and I don’t mind using a wire. Like I said it does actually detect the ps3 controller when I plug it in and knows when I’ve unplugged it too but I can’t get retroarch to detect any button pressed and can’t find this mysterious “user 1 bindings” in the input menus.

I would really appreciate any help as I’d really love to play my retro games on here with a controller.

Thanks, Lee.

I’m having the same problem with an M1 MacBook Pro and a Switch Pro Controller. I tried the common workaround of adding RetroArch to Steam as a non-Steam game and launching it through there, but that doesn’t work either. Steam is able to recognize my controller and respond to inputs like it should, but that doesn’t pass through to RetroArch once I launch it.