Retroarch playlists and Rom Collections

Hi it is my first message on this community so i hope not to be so much repetitive. Before asking i tried some video tutorials on youtube and many readings but i still don’t understand how is possible to have perfect romset to be shown correctly by retroarch… i mean…in the past to have correct romnmes and romsets i used for each emulator romeditors like CLRmame or RomCenter with right dat file. I notice that Romcenter seems little bit different with cores (emulators)… i have very huge collection of roms but often are really often not recognized in right way and correct one by one in Retroarch Desktop menu is impossible…the same is to change name to thumbnails collections…so i would understand how can i have a clean and playable romset in retroarch and what kind of programs i need to edit them.

I may be in the minority here, not really sure, but I would suggest that you use a better “Front End” and just use RA as an emulator.

i like the clean and minimal style of Retroarch, i know there are frontend project like hyperspin or emulationstation or others…i’d like to findout the best solution without frontend …if it is possible. thanks Sloth for your answer