RetroArch Plus - Analog Sensitivity problems :(

Welcome Dear Community.

I’m addicted to RA software, I love to dig into configs, test new stuff and grow up my library. Most problems I find on my way from time when I start to use RA I handle by myself, but now it’s time when I can’t figure it out anymore, and I seriously search everywhere, even translate some chinesse forums for solution but still nothing.

The thing is analog sensitivity. Actually I play PS1 games and they works beautiful on my device (cheap Redmi Note 9 Pro) and my external controller is Ipega 9077. I can’t set my analog sensitivity - when I want to walk in some games (I have 100% sure that is possible in specific game, because I test it on original device etc.) or even when I try to turn slightly in GT2 for example with analog it not possible! :frowning: Its works exactly like classic DPAD, the car turns violently, Crash Bandicoot start to run full speed, even when I lightly move the analog in any direction. Of course I try out another controllers, even original PS3 controller wired to my phone! I try to change settings, like dead zone for analog, sensitivity over 100 etc.

Nothing. I can’t figure it out. I feel like is the last obstacle to perefection in emulation on my device.

Thank you kindly for any solutions. Greetings guys and have great day! :slight_smile:

I don’t see any autoconfig profiles for that device, but if it’s not reporting the analog stick as an axis but as a button/hatswitch, that would prevent it from using true analog values. For example, see this autoconfig profile:

You’ll notice it says ‘btn’ for each of those with a single keycode after it, whereas it would need to be something like “input_up_axis = -1” or whatever.