RetroArch Plus on Shield


I tried to install the RetroArch plus version from the google store on my nvidia shield, it gets to 80/90 % and fails. So I’m looking to install from another source. There’s the Nightly thread above, is that the latest pk? If so whats the difference between the RetroArch.apk and the RetroArchra32.apk? I have the non pro shield so can’t use the 64 bit version.

Is there a latest plus version to download somewhere?

Many thanks

I think I found what I was looking for. The latest stable RetroArchra32.apk in the downloads.

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Did you get this to work? Because no matter what i do. I can not get retroarch to see my roms. They can see my MAME and Sega Saturn roms but nothing else. I have the 64bit version from the website.

I haven’t actually tried yet. I’m using Arc Browser as a front end and starting with Arcade so using various mame emulators. I have to say it’s confusing as I just have no idea what rom works with what emulator. Is it just trial and error? Absoluley nothing working so far:) I’ll be tinkering a bit today so I’ll let you know how I get on.

For the MAME (Current) core use the MAME version that matches the core. (Or fairly close. There are not a lot of changes to roms with MAME updates.)

Otherwise there are reference sets that coincide with various emulators.

  • MAME 0.37b5 Reference Set (2000)
  • MAME 0.78 Reference Set (2003)
  • MAME 0.94 Reference Set (2005)
  • MAME 0.106 Reference Set (2006)
  • MAME 0.139 Reference Set (2010)
  • MAME 0.160 Reference Set (2015)
  • MAME 0.174 Reference Set (2016)

They can be built with a dat and clrmamepro.

The last two are not incredibly different from the current set, (On an individual rom vs rom basis.) but if you try current roms on 2010 or earlier you will have issues.)

That is also my personal choice for an Android front end. It has great Retroarch support. :grin:

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Thank you for the reply. “For the MAME (Current) core use the MAME version that matches the core” Thats the bit I’m not understanding. If I grab a rom from one of my retropie images how would I know what core it’s using? I know thats a big question but if you could throw me a link to something that explains this stuff I’d be grateful. I love just tinkering with stuff like this!

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Grabbing a rom from one of your images indeed makes it tough. You would have to dig inside the config files to see what core it’s using.

So don’t.

Just get a complete romset, of the version you need, from a different source.

That shouldn’t be too hard for someone who located a Pi image.

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