Retroarch, PS1, gameplay stop loading

Hello, I use Retroarch on Windows 11. I’m playing the game “Dragon Knight 4” on ps1 with beetle emulator. I’m around 36 hours in this game, so it was working fine until now.

The game is simple, it’s a tactical RPG : you arrive to a town, you talk to everyone, then you move to the battlefield, and then arrive to the next town.

The problem is I can’t get to the next battlefield even if I have talked to everyone in town. (I did this game in ps1 directly and I could go out the town and the next battlefield, there’s no trick to go out to the next battlefield)

I play with an iso, so I put my original game to try… Same result, I tried other iso, same result. I also tried all other psx core in Retroarch, same result. I even tried today the game with duckstation… same result.

The main character doesn’t change his sentence to “ok, lets leave town” and stay on "wait until everyone is rested"so that’s why I’m thinking the game or the core doesn’t load the next sentence the main character has to say…

Is this a knowed problem ? Is there something fo force the sequence ? I don’t know… I already had this kind of issu, maybe 10 years ago, and same, the game doesn’t freeze, but the next sequence won’t load.

Thanks for reading.