Retroarch PS2 and TV CRT- PAL

I tried Retroarch on PS2, I tried: NES SNES Gensis/MD I set the video setting to 240P to obtain a stable image (with NTSC I get a solid black image). Unfortunately with all the cores I get annoying stuttering, I don’t understand which option can be enabled or disabled to make Reatroarch work well on PS2 and CRT. Thanks to anyone who can help me

If your region settings matches the resolution setting (so 240p for NTSC and 288p for PAL roms), then it might be simply because the emulator cores don’t run fullspeed for the particular games. E.g. I played a bit of Streets of Rage 2 and it seemed fine, but Comix Zone had frame drops very early.

NES should mostly be fine though, maybe you need to try older versions from the buildbot. RA for PS2 is generally still kinda buggy though.

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