Retroarch PS3, any good?

How well does Retroarch run on the PS3? Is it still being updated? Thanks

It’s still being updated and runs pretty well. No hardware acceleration, so no N64, but up through SNES/Mega Drive and a lot of 90s arcade run well.

Shader performance is pretty decent, but it only runs Cg shaders and you have to use an older pack because almost all of them broke at some point but it’s not really clear why.

EDIT: also, playlist scanning is apparently broken on it. just FYI.

Do you think it will be able to run N64 in future?

there’s a very faint possibility but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

What is a good alternative to using Retroarch on Windows? As in which console runs it well?

Switch is probably the most feature-filled console port. RPi4 is another good option, and Android/Nvidia Shield.