Retroarch, Retroarch Nightly and SG-1000

I was trying to run my SG-1000 collection on Retroarch however the only available core there (BlueMSX) that handles SG-1000 detects and adds them to a playlist but refuses to run the (Failed to load content).

Seeing if it was just my luck, I grabbed the latest nightly build (2019-07-27) and noticed in the core list that the gearsystem core supports SG-1000 so I tried that core instead and that worked flawlessly.

Since the bluemsx core for the current release build of Retroaarch doesn’t seem to work yet the gearsystem core DOES under the nightly build is there any way to get the current build of Retroarch to use this core manually?

It’s frustrating right now as I’m trying to get my pi’s library and my pc’s library to match and yet all the games and systems that work on my PI either refuse to detect at all on Retroarch, Or fail to run when they ARE detected. So far my trouble sets seem to be the neogeo and sg-1000 sets. Everything else detects fine.

They’re the exact same romsets I use on my pi’s library and all those detect and work fine on retropie which I find odd.

Have you tried running SG-1000 games through GensPlusGX? That’s how I play them, and they run great; just like any Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, or Sega CD title via that core.

The issue is that core (Gensplus) does not support sg-1000 in the current release build. (Listed as supporting MS/GG/MD/CD only) It’s the same with gearsystem. In the nightly build it supports sg-1000 but in the current release build, It does not.

After taking a closer look at the playlist structure (After having to tweak these things a FEW times, Lol!) I noticed the core dll and name are there. In theory would it work if I took the newer gearsystem core from the nightly, Dropped it in the CORES folder with the others on the current Retroarch build and MANUALLY point to the new core in the playlist?


That actually worked. My SG-1000 Playlist is now running on the newer core after manually moving it over from the nightly. If this is a bad idea, Someone let me know before I bollocks the whole thing up. XD

It’s not listed, but it still supports it. If I remember right, SG-1000 games are considered part of the Master System ecosystem, because the Master System is “Mark 3” and the SG-1000 is “Mark 1”.

Either way, I’m glad you got them working with your setup.