Retroarch rpi 3a+ n64 screen bottom left corner issue

The experimental works in fullscreen and does scaling properly but then immediately crashes. I can’t seem to fix the gliden64 ones despite playing with resolution the size stays the same except in pal mode where it goes even farther south and off the actual visible screen when I try that in 4:3 lower resolutions. Higher and lower and even in non-4:3 keep it in that same approximate 1/4 lower part of my screen. A bit less than 1/4 of it actually. Messing with the resolution does off and on randomly make the dialog box asking about pressing a to change settings go far north east and off the screen.

I’ve tried changing the settings in multiple ways but are unsure of what I am doing wrong.

Are you closing the core between resolution changes? I don’t think it works on-the-fly.

Yes I choose different cores and the ones that work without crashing stay small.

I had to just install retropie only rather than raspbian+retropie and now it’s working.

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