RetroArch seminar

Just a notice.

I will be holding a seminar on RetroArch and how it relates to democoding. It will be held at the Bridge Business College, in Sydney on the Sunday, 9th of June 2013

This is part of a demoparty which will be held at 8-10 June at the same venue.

For more information on the demoparty, go to

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Maister - let’s try to get that FPS demo source up so I can get it running on all the mobiles and mudlord has a bit more to show at that day.

Libretro GL PR blitz

Decided to do some writeups on Libretro GL and the two ‘tech demos’ we have right now - ModelViewer and SceneWalker.

Spent some time bugfixing course material.

Course material: http:/ http:/


Good work, dude :smiley:

Nice. How did it go? Did the other attendants like it?

Yes, they liked the idea.

However, one attendant chose to make a big issue that its basically SDL in drag and that the whole thing is bloody pointless.

Oh well. You can’t please everyone.

None of the links above is working. Maybe this thread is a bit outdated.

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