Retroarch sound stutters/crackles ingame


I got the following problem. I Use a mini PC to launch Emulationstation and ist runs smooth with sound in menus. but when I start a game retroarch starts and the sound stutters/crackles ingame. Goes anybody know how to fix this? I tried different games and systems. Here are my settings:

I´m using Windows 11 all updates are installed and drivers are also updated.

Can anyone telle me what I have to change to fix the sound issue?

Thanks in advance. Regards

My first suggestion would be to change your audio driver from wasapi to something more forgiving. Aside from that, is it happening with all cores? I.e., even something really light, like gambatte?

Thanks for your reply. I tried the HDD on another Laptop where it has the same problem but if I connect the Laptop via HDMI to the same TV I use for the mini PC it works fine. Also with my Desktop PC it works fine. Maybe it`s a driver issue. The Intel sound drivers for the mini PC is up to date I used the Intel driver updater. Any ideas how to solve this?

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