RetroArch + Steam Link = No TV Picture?

I’ve been running RetroArch via Big Box (LaunchBox) on my PC for a few days, everything set up perfectly and have been loving it, so decided to order a Steam Link to stream to my 60" 4K TV.

Steam Link came in today and I’ve got it up and running fine, can stream GameCube and Wii roms to the big TV using Dolphin via Big Box. But for some reason anytime I try launching a game via RetroArch, regardless of the core I use, I get no picture on the TV. The game is running fine on the PC, and the audio is coming through on the TV, but the screen is totally black (or white, in the case of the NDS core). Same thing happens whether I attempt to launch from within Big Box or direct from RetroArch.

Based on some experimentation and the fact that Dolphin works fine, I’m guessing this is just some sort of video config that’s out of whack in RetroArch that’s preventing my HDTV from interpreting the signal. But I haven’t been able to figure out what it might be. Messed with refresh rate, vsync, resolution, etc. with no luck.

Anyone have any ideas or experience with this?

[ul] [li]bsnes_mercury_accuracy - Full Audio, Black Screen[/li][li]desmume - Full Audio, White Rectangle (where NDS viewport should be)[/li][li]mupen64plus - Full Audio, Black Screen[/li][li]nestopia - Full Audio, Black Screen[/li][li]snes9x_next - Full Audio, Black Screen[/li][/ul]

Can’t talk about Steam Link but it works fine on my end with gamestream, remotr or steam home streaming.

I’ve mad a bit of progress since the original post. I did finally get RetroArch to output video to my TV, turns out that was a complication resulting from my multi-monitor setup. I discovered that changing the Monitor Index value from 0 (Auto) to 1 fixed the initial problem, and magically I had full capabilities output on my television.

But then I discovered a new problem. If I then exited a game from RetroArch, and attempted to launch a new one, I was back to the same problem…black screen with no video. Exiting and restarting Big Box and/or Launch Box didn’t work, but existing and relaunching Steam did!

I can still be inside of Big Box, launch a GameCube or Wii game using Dolphin and play fine, then exit the game, launch another and play fine, etc. I just can’t seem to play two games in a row using RetroArch. My current workflow is stuck at:

[ul] [li]Launch Steam, connect Steam Link[/li][li]Launch Big Box[/li][li]Launch RetroArch rom[/li][li]Play game, exit game, attempt to launch new game…black screen, no video[/li][li]Exit Steam[/li][li]Launch Steam, connect Steam Link[/li][li]Launch Big Box[/li][li]Launch RetroArch rom[/li][/ul]

Because I’m getting the black screen issue each time, and not a view of my desktop or another window, I don’t think this is a Steam Link problem, but still some sort of misconfiguration inside of RetroArch.

looooong shot since im 3 years late to the party. This has cropped up as an issue for me suddenly. (using steam link app) but it only happens with dolphin. Other systems are fine.

Assume you ended up resolving this?

Edit : i lied, anything that uses HW renderer (i think?) streams to a black screen. beetle psx hw, citra, mupen-next plus/ogl, ppsspp.

everything else is business as usual.