Retroarch ui not working on Windows 10 connected to 4k tv


win 10 with nvidia 1050ti connected by hdmi to LG 4k tv. when launching retroarch ui, it does some flashing and only displays a small horizontal top portion of the ui. i can’t use it. wondering if there is a setting in the retroarch.cfg i can tweak. i did copy this retroarch 1.7.3 folder to this pc from my pc that is connected to a LG 1440p monitor in case that matters. thank you.


You can try moving your retroarch.cfg somewhere else temporarily to see if that helps, but there’s a known issue with Nvidia+Win10+4K with some black flickery lines, if that’s what’s going on. The workaround in that case is to set a video_fullscreen_x/y of 1920x1080 (or whatever as long as it’s not 4K…)


thank you. i tried that and it did allow the RA ui to look normal and become usable, except that the ui is not nearly fullscreen now. i also set it to 3840x2160 but it still comes up much smaller than than fullscreen? the games also only come up in the top left 1/4 of the screen now


so i fixed the gui problem by leaving video_fullscreen_x/y to 0 and disabling video_hard_sync. video_hard_sync was causing RA ui to be unusable only showing top 1/4th of screen. setting video_fullscreen_x/y to 1920 was no good because then the RA ui would come up only 1/4 size in the top left of the screen. i’m not sure what i’m losing by having video_hard_sync disabled but at least the RA ui works now, even though it flickers.


i think vsync was also giving me troubles. disabling vsync seem to have fixed Saturn games being chopped off top of game and also RA ui flickers less


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