retroarch via retrovasion raspberry / add new roms on the micro-SD's


Hello everyone,

I’m using retroarch via the raspberry sold by “Retrovasion” in early october 2017 (I think someone knows about it - it works verywell, no problem with it).

I have plenty of old roms on a HDD which I would like to add on the two micro-SD furbished with the raspberry box (contains ca. 10,000 roms).

Does anyone know if it’s (and how is it) possible to do this please ?

When I look into these two micro-SD on a computer as a storage, i can’t see any usual rom files in it. It seems that rom files are “compiled/assembled” in another bigger file… maybe they tried to “copryright” their system to avoid to be charged with illegal diffusion of roms, that we can understand…

Is it possible to create a new micro-SD with retroarch on it and the roms I would like to add ?

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:


If it came bundled with a bunch of ROMs illegally, we can’t support it in any way, sorry.

If it’s just a bog-standard raspberry pi, you could try flashing Lakka onto a new microSD card.



Thank you for your quick answer.

Of course, I didn’t expect any support about this bundle and the ROMs :grinning: everything is doing well with the stuff.:monkey_face:

I think it’s a bog-standard raspberry pie. so I will try this and let you about it.

Thank you :+1: