RetroArch won't load games with new core


First, excuse me if it’s not the right place for my problem. I have no idea how to create a new subject on this forum.

Then, I’m the author of EmuSCV, a (non official) Libretro core than emulate the EPOCH/YENO Super Cassette Vision and I have a problem with some recent versions of Retroarch on Windows when I use the menu. No problem with command line.

I can load the core first but when I load a content (a ROM), Retroarch discard the loaded core and says that it’s no core usable with this ROM. Then when I load the core again, it discards the content. => infinite loop

I tried to write a .info file for EmuSCV but it seems to be ignored by Retroarch.

Is there someone who have an idea how to load my core and a content by the menu?

Maxime (aka MaaaX^^, aka EPOCH 84)

Hey, yeah, the core suggestions are powered by the core info files, so if you don’t have one for the core, it won’t know which file extensions are valid for it.

Do you have the info file you created handy? I could take a look and see if it’s missing any important info. Where did you place it? You can find where RetroArch is looking for info files by going to settings > directory.

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Thank you very much @hunterk for the confirmation. I restarted to write my not from scratch but from the example installed with the Linux version and it work on Linux now. I will test it on Windows and I will say you if it’s OK or not.

Do you know who can say me how to make my core as an official core?

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Yes, to make it official, we get the info file into the libretro-super repo and add a gitlab-ci.yaml recipe for our CI infrastructure to the core’s github (or whatever) repo and then mirror it over to our gitlab instance.

Let me know if that’s something you want to get going and we can make it happen.

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I confirm that it work on Windows too. Many thanks!

I will change some little things at the startup of my core (TV static noise, EmuSCV logo and Recalbox logo to remove) and I’ll be back to make it official.

See you soon and thank you for the help

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I done all modifications on my core.

My project is on Gitlab:

Please say me if something is missing.


this looks great. I’ll do some work on our end to see what we need to do and let you know if we need anything else on your end.


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Hello! All is OK for you?

Yes, looks that way!

It’s not available on the online updater yet, as I believe that’s still in the works.

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Thank you very much :+1:t2: :champagne:

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Where can we download it from? Thank you

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