Retroarch x PS1 x 4 Players

I have 4 XBOX-ONE joysticks, connected to the computer via the wireless receiver. I am not able to connect all 4 joysticks to play “PlayStation 1” games that accept this amount of players. Like “Crash Bash” for example. I did not find the option to activate multitap and I don’t know if it’s necessary.

When I enter the joysticks configuration menu, on the ps1 emulator part, I see 5 joysticks to be configured, however only the 1st and 2nd players have the option to choose the “playStation Controller” option in the “device type” (only these two josyticks work) . The other joystick configuration menus (3rd, 4th and 5th) only appear in that part the option “Retropad” (and those don’t work).

In short. Is it possible or not to play games using 4 josyticks on the playstation 1 emulator within the retroarch?

I’m using the core: Sony PlayStation (Beetle PSX HW)

Bump. I have the same question