RetroArch Xbox1 V1.1 Coming Soon?

Hello Everybody.

I have a few questions about the new release of RetroArch V1.1 that is supposed to come out sometime in September.

is it going to be an Xbox1 Release?

and how hard would it be to make it work with the new Lakka GUI Menu system?

will anyone here know if it will work on stock xbox consoles?

and will it be any more different than the already aging emulators that the xbox1 has already? i’m expecting more accuracy and more features

just take out the PSP Emulation and it should be somewhat easier to make it run on the 733.335MHz Celeron Cpu and the 64 MB Ram Limit and make it use Virtual Memory kinda like the Page File that Windows NT Used either on drive F,G / ETC or even use the X/Y/Z Drives For The Cache/Paging File and make it so when the software is exited it will clear the cache that it used on the F/G/X/Y/Z Drive until it is loaded next time with a cache settings file that tells the program to set the cache space depending on the emulator it is currently running.

That’s it for now.

Cheers -RetroFan90

I’m pretty sure there will be an updated release with the cores that will actually run acceptably on the platform. I assume the OGXbox port will keep using the RGUI menu, just like the Wii port.

I doubt it will work on a stock xbox, but I don’t know much about that. As for the emu quality, yeah, it’ll be the same ones that are used on the rest of the platforms. RetroArch doesn’t have any setup for using virtual memory to load larger-than-RAM-size content at this time. It’s been oft-requested for the Wii port, as well, but it’s been low-priority compared with the other things that need work.