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RetroART Gallery opens its venue

We all love retro games, right? Right. That means, we all are people of great taste, right? Right?


So let’s have a thread dedicated to things made purely for the sake of being appreciated, a gallery of retro and retro-inspired art. This can be pixel art, voxel art, ASCII art or even some old-school demoscene works. Anything that makes you remember old days with that warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart.

Here we can post links to our favorite artists (their websites, social media, deviantarts etc.) and their works.

You want to indulge in some great pixely art? Looking for an idea for that next wallpaper? Or maybe you’re an artist yourself and want to show off your skills? Then RetroART Gallery (pun intended :slight_smile:) is a place for you.

For starters, this is a gallery of some random pixel art from various artists and games:

And now for the main course, some obvious, well established names (this is my top 3):

Mark Ferrari

Known for his collaboration with Ron Gilbert on the first Monkey Island game, as well as more recent Thimbleweed Park. Truly a man of many talents - apart from pixel art he also makes ‘normal’ art and writes his own stories (illustrated, of course). He also published a mobile app that can turn your phone’s wallpaper into one of his magnificent works.


Living Worlds App:

Valeriya Sanchillo aka Waneella

Incredibly talented and prolific. Best known for her amazing city scenes and cyberpunky feel.



Gerardo Quiroz aka Kirokaze

Again some great Night City feels. Just like two other artists, his works are very wallpaper-worthy.





Hope you like it. Feel free to post your favorites.


RetroART Gallery: Revenge of the Pixels

Here are 3 more pixel artists that I believe are worth your while.

Octavi Navarro

Individual, easily distinguishable style, with some amazing cross-sectioned scenes.






Rather than scenes, this artist focuses more on objects (including some delicious food items).





Another fella with his own unique artstyle. You can distinguish him by the incredible, “stacked” architecture.



On a related note, you may also want to check out Retronator blog. Its author is enthusiastic about both pixel art and retro gaming. He even made an interactive tutorial for making your own pixel art in the form of a retro adventure game called Pixel Art Academy. Check it out:

Retronator blog:

Pixel Art Academy:


There is not much to say. :laughing:

Some that I like from an era that I lived intensely.



Your post reminded me that those colorful isometric pixoramas were one of the things that made me interested in pixel art in the first place.

Especially those insanely-detailed works of the eBoy collective.

Nowadays they are very popular as a form of collab work, where one artist contributes one portion of the image, such as here:

You can literally watch them for hours, zooming in on every pixel and still finding new hidden details.

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I get mine from Safebooru, it has a ton of anime related fan art and official art there which you can download as well.

Yume Nikki (Madotsuki)

The King of Fighters (Leona)

Mega Man

Touhou (Flandre Scarlet and Komeji Koishi)

.flow (Sabitsuki)

Blazblue (Makoto)

They look tremendous!

Those who shared before are one person, is famous although I forgot their name, when I have it I share it.

RetroART Gallery: Pixels Go 3D

And now for something completely a little bit different.

Voxel art gained popularity only in the last decade for two reasons. First, due to massively popular Minecraft game. Second, because only now the technology is able to handle it in a performant manner.

So, maybe it’s not “retro” per se, but it holds this intangible vibe of pixel art, but in 3D.

I present you the works of three promising artists in this field. Prepare yourselves, because I’m sure there will be some jaws dropped.

Dorothy, you’re not in Minecraft anymore.

Mari K.

Seriously I couldn’t decide which works to present here, they are so diverse and every single one of them is a work of art with an insane amount of details. Go check out her portfolio for more works, and in high quality. You won’t regret it.



Christophe Tritz

This guy is incredible. Check out his atmospheric, animated dioramas on his ArtStation.


Joanna Tordjeman

More arsty stuff, less detailed, but atmospheric nonetheless.


Some of these are so detailed it makes me think it’s a real or CG rendered pictured converted to pixels, any input on that?

According to the artists, all of these were made using MagicaVoxel (plus possibly some Photoshop post-processing).

I haven’t used the tool myself, but it seems it lets you make some pretty awesome stuff with lots of details:

I’m pretty sure it’s not simply pixelated renders, as they wouldn’t allow for such level of detail. I don’t think the algorithms are at this level yet.


RetroART Gallery: Text Me Something Nice

ASCII art may seem as the most obscure of those presented in this thread so far, but the truth is it is the most wide-spread over the internet. There are sites that allow you to copy-paste some really fancy ASCII emojis to your tweets, Facebook posts or forum messages.

But it goes way beyond that. There are people who decided to elevate text art to a whole new level. This style was especially popular during the hayday of the demoscene culture in the 90s, but it still stays strong among many art groups, zine creators and individual artists.

Here I would like to present some of the most creative works I found on the internet (with links to relevant artists’ sites of course).



Artist site:

Artist site:




Artist site:

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Hi i very like your post but can you create overlays jojo, hokuto no ken, soul eater, sailor moon,power rangers, kamen rider, super sentai etc about anime and tokusatsu

Those ASCII reminded me of this little gem.



That’s a real gem. I can’t believe it’s the first time I see it :laughing:

Everyone tells me the same thing and this is from the end of the 90s. LOL
You can run it in the terminal with a command.

There are many versions edited and with audio.

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Hey pal, if you’re looking for overlays, you need to head over to those threads. The guys over there are making some amazing stuff.

Here we only present links to general art that is loosely described as “retro”, so no overlays in this thread.

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There’s also pixel art gif’s

Touhou - Rumia

The King of Fighter Series & Fatal Fury series - Mai

Touhou - Sekibanki



My sources are pulled from a variety of anime image boards such as

pretty helpful is that they have tags and filter options. Not perfect but they have a pixel art tag

Example is a character from Samurai Spirits aka Samurai Shodown in the west.

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