RGUI bilinear filtering

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I seem to recall that years ago RGUI would be filtered (smoothed) if the “Video->Bilinear Filtering” option was active.

However, in current versions of RetroArch, that setting only seems to affect content, not the RGUI menu itself. Is there an option or setting for bililenear-filtered RGUI? Nearest scaling on fonts looks UGLY as sin :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s in settings > user interface > appearance. It looks awesome at native res on a CRT :wink:

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@hunterk: Thanks, as always! :slight_smile: Also, do you happen to know how to configure the “exit retroarch” key/button? It can’t find it in “Settings->Input->Hotkeys”. Have searched low and high and that button/key config seems to be gone… I am using RA 1.9.0.

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Settings - Input - Hotkeys - “Quit RetroArch” - (Key: escape)

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@ImnoTapLumber Thanks a lot, but really I can’t see that option. Outside “kiosk mode”, is there any option that could be causing that option to be missing?

Which OS are you using?
I controlled on Windows and nightly/testing ppa on Linux and the setting is where it should be.
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I am building RetroArch for OGA these days, to make some performance/latency experiments on these (slow) systems. I guess it’s some of my configuration options.

Don’t worry, not important anymore :slight_smile:

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