Rumble issues with 8BitDo Pro2 on PCSX Rearmed / Kindle Fire Tablet

I’m new here so please be gentle!

So my setup is Platform: Kindle Fire HD 8 Core: PCSX Rearmed Controller: 8BitDo Pro 2

My issue is that i can’t get rumble to work in compatible PS1 games.

I’ve read a lot on this and still can;t get it to work.

Please could someone walk me through an idiots guide to setting up rumble with this setup?

Also available to me in terms of config are the different ‘mode’ switches on the controller i.e. X, A, D, S

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Do you have the controller set up to emulate a Dual Shock controller in ‘Quick Menu -> Controls -> Port 1 Controls -> Device Type’?

Yes, i’ve tried that but to no avail…

The only thing i’m doubting myself on is whether I re-started the game after setting it to Dual Shock. Do you have to do a restart of the game?

It would not hurt to try it. I do not have a similar setup to try it out on, so I am merely taking some guesses to see if there is anything you might have overlooked.

Yeah, thanks Neofuuma. Appreciate you helping out!

I’ll give this a try when i’m home this evening and report back.

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I’ve set to dual shock and then closed and restarted the game. No joy unfortunately.

Back the the drawing board! :frowning: